Eleftheria Zourou

Founder & CEO at Doctor Anytime

Eleftheria’s passion was always to stand by people’s side, to understand their needs, be in their shoes, support them and make them feel better and happier. 

She did that early on when just for fun she was helping her grandfather with sales in his little toy’s store in Crete, when parents were consulting her on what would be the most suitable toy for their kids. She followed marketing studies, and worked more than 10 years in big multinational fmcg companies like Loreal and PG. But deep within she wanted to leave her own mark in the society she lives in and disrupt one of the most difficult industries, the one of healthcare. In 2012 she made her dream come true and started doctoranytime, and ever since she daily enjoys smaller or bigger wins for patients and doctors making their lives easier, giving transparency to the whole process and making people feel they are in good hands. She keeps spreading the idea across continents and countries, currently operating in Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia.