Eirini Schlosser

Founder & CEO at Dyania Health

Eirini Schlosser is a serial entrepreneur with experience building and leading data science and machine learning applications. After executing on > $60 Billion deal value in technology, healthcare, and consumer transactions as a member of Morgan Stanley’s Mergers & Acquisitions Execution Team, Eirini successfully transitioned from finance to technology where she spent the last decade developing designing technologies specifically in the machine learning space with applications in life sciences before founding Dyania Health in 2019. She holds professional certifications in machine learning from MIT and a Masters from London Business School.

Dyania Health is a deep tech clinical technology company focused on clinical research. Our core technology is proprietary clinical natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that extract and structure relevant data from typed unstructured free text in medical reports and patient histories (physician notes, pathology reports, and radiology notes). The algorithms are specialized for therapeutic areas treating oncology and autoimmune diseases and feature a proprietary temporal awareness component to determine patient journeys and disease progression over time. We partner with large academic healthcare systems to share in the value of extracting data from their EMR’s. We provide services for pharma for several applications and uses cases of the extracted data (1) patient finder for complex criteria for trials (2) synthetic external control arms, (3) biomarker and data analysis for optimizing protocols and (4) predicting enrollment potential at selected trial sites. We are HIPAA compliant and, while having our main base in US, we also have a presence in the EU and can comply with GDPR related data privacy components.